Sustainability spans many subjects. Sustainability can pertain to ourselves, our world, our lives, our futures and so much more. When I started thinking about sustainability as a sophomore in high school, I thought about it in the way that most people think about sustainability today. Most people know sustainability in the way that I, as a sophomore, thought about sustainability –typically the ‘green’ definition of it. But sustainability is not just about sustaining our world; it requires a sort of interconnectedness between all things including us as individuals, our lives, our futures and all those “so much more” things. That being said, I’m choosing to go back to my roots and focus on sustainability as I used to think about it for the course of this blog. As a sophomore, sustainability to me meant understanding how the Earth processes work to make this planet our home and how we, as a race, can help to sustain the longevity of these processes. Over the past week in my Geography 104 class we have been focusing a lot on solar energy, insolation, albedo and how these things impact the temperature and climate of our world. By understanding these natural processes of the Earth I, as a human, can better understand how to sustain these processes because we need them in order to be able to exist on this planet. I think that Geography is important course for everyone to take because it helps us to understand sustainability, our world and the interconnectedness of it all.

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