Getting back in the swing of things has been my primary focus these past two weeks. But the concept of sustainability can be applied to nearly anything in a plethora of ways. I am in Laura Maas's U290 Careers and Sustainability course, which I know will further my knowledge of sustainability. So far we have been discussing our dream careers as well as working on improving our resumes. We have been very sustainable with our time, achieving so many useful things during that one hour with Laura and Joe each week. I know that Laura is a pro in this field and that she will teach us so many things about sustainability that we would have never known before in regards to our careers. But then we also have Joe Jones teaching the class as well to address the more environmental factors of sustainability. This class has helped my semester get off to a great start and I am so happy that I took it, definitely the best decision that I made, and I look forward to learning numerous new things.

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