Madison Tate Logan - January 26th 2015

I want to start out this blog post by recognizing the fact that I didn't receive a single printed syllabus in any of my classes. I thought this was awesome because every professor made the statement that because our classes were so large, he/she did not want to waste the paper. I love this because with the technology that we have now, such as blackboard, there is not need to print the syllabus when we have access to it digitally. I may not seem like a big environmental contribution, but when I really think about it, that is 5 classes with probably 100 or more students in each. Think about how much paper that is! Anyway, this semester I am taking Marine Science 210 as well. I really enjoy the class because I took oceanography in high school and most of the material we have covered thus far has been mostly review for me. We are currently in Chapter 4 discussing the plate tectonics and how it affects our ocean basins. I found it very interesting that oceanic crust is younger than continental crust. It is also more dense. We also have discussed early ocean exploration and the development of our means of finding out more about the ocean. I am excited for the semester and what all this class has to offer.

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