Kiana Alexander -January 27, 2015

This semester I am enrolled in a Women and Gender Studies focusing on the portrayal of women in media and society. Last week, the lecture's theme was the history of the Women's Rights Movement and what it means to be a feminist. At first I questioned how this subject matter could have any connection to sustainability. However, after reflecting on the different facets of sustainability, I realized how the feminist movement has evolved in order to stay social and politically sustainable. If the women's movement stayed static and stuck to the principles of first wave feminism (primarily women's suffrage) the movement would have died out after the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment. It is important for any social or political movement to evolve in order to stay viable and relevent in the the community, whether regional or global. Only in this way can a lasting impact or change be made.

Lindsay Cooper - January 25, 2014

In my geology 110 class we are currently talking about energy sources. Unsurprisingly we are talking about fossil fuels, some of the biggest pollutants in the world. We have discussed how coal is a major source of energy for the United States. This is not a very good thing for the environment or a very sustainable practice. While coal may be very cheap and easy to use for energy it is releases large amounts of CO2 into the environment. Climate change is very real and a very real issue today. When thinking about how sustainability can relate to geology and in this case, coal, I started to think about how we as people need to make the change. I came to realize that us as individuals are not the ones who are burning massive amounts of fossil fuels like coals, it is us as a society. The coal industry can truly only be stopped by legislation from the government. I decided to look at how the legislators of our country view climate change. I was sorely disappointed to note that while recently they have declared global warming to be true (about time cavemen!) they have not recognized it as a problem caused by humans. I find this to be completely ludicrous and cannot wait to share more thoughts of sustainability that come from my geology class!

Hailey Ingraham- January 25, 2014

In my Marine Science 210 class, we have so far talked about the history of the living ocean. While there was many early contributors to the study of the living ocean such as Egyptians at the Library in Alexandria and Prince Henry of Portugal, James Cook was the first recognized oceanographer. On his expeditions his primary goal was to map the world, but along the way he collected many samples that give us information about our environment and sea life from the 1700s. WIth this infomration and many other studies done since then we can learn more about how our actions have affected the ocean and the living creatures within it. My professor's own research focuses on how marine ecosystems and fisheries are affected by climate change. I think gives an interesting perspective to the course, and I'm excited to share his findings with all of you!

Anna Ripley - January 25, 2014

In my Marine Science 102 class, the study of the living ocean, we have begun by studying the smallest creatures within the sea, and one of the organisms we have discussed are phytoplankton. Phytoplankton are one of the most abundant organisms found within the ocean, there are around 100,000 in a single milliliter of water. These organisms are not only vital to their surrounding environment but also the earth’s ecosystem, Phytoplankton form the base of major food webs in coastal and open oceans and are also autotrophs which contribute to the composition of the earths atmosphere. Phytoplankton are responsible for approximately every other breath that we take, along with helping to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. These numerous microscopic creatures are import to every day life, although nearly no one knows of their importance and abundance. Phytoplankton are an important reason to preserve as much of our oceans as possible.

Ashley Bodner_1/25/15

I am currently taking Exercise Science 191. This course is going to focus on personal health and activity. In order to instruct and evaluate others in our career, we need to first be able to evaluate ourselves. These first two weeks have been learning facts and statisitcs of health and the impacts that physicial activity or lack there of has on a person. The main focus is that exerice is the best tool we have to promote health, prevent disease, and encourage overall wellness. Behavior modification is discussed as being a tool to stay active and healthy in a world where modern conviences make if difficult to be as healthy as we could, for example, elevators are convient but do not encourage physical activity. All of these elements could also be described as personal sustianability to prolong life.  In order to sustain a healthy, active, lifestyle an individual has to make consious decsions to eat heathier, take the stairs, and exercise on a regular basis. 

I am currently enrolled in Public Health 102 and this week we discussed the history of public health and how it has developed over the years. We began by looking at the living conditions in 1800s before sustainability was a way of life. They lived in filthy communities with sewage being dumped in their water supply and garbage covering the streets. People were contracting diseases from unknown causes due to these living conditions. As we went further into 1850s, sustainably practices were developed and used to better the communities’ people lived in. The water supply now was undergoing treatment so that people were able to drink clean water. Garbage wasn’t thrown in the streets but in landfills making the streets cleaner. People began understanding the importance of personal hygiene and sanitation. After the people saw the positive effects these changes had on their health, they began sustaining these practices to prevent diseases. After discussing this topic in class, I have realized how important sustainable practices are and how improving those practices over the years will impact this world and public health greatly.

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