In my Micro Economics class, I have learned about supply and demand, how they relate to each other and what they mean. I have also gained intel about prices and how consumers can effect the demand or supply. I noticed that you can apply this information to life and figure out what would be a more sustainable tactic to perfect my everyday life. For example, if you had to decided between spending money on ramen noodles which only cost fifty cents a pack and thats your food for the week plus a pizza for the weekend and that is five dollars, which is the most efficient way to spend the budget for food. Well, if ramen prices increase to eighty-nine cents, then you can no longer efficiently afford to buy a pizza as well as ramen. Therefore to employ the proper strategy to spend your money in the best way possible, you only buy ramen for the week. Thinking of this idea, has influenced me to consider the future consequences of life choices and decisons, like time management or budgeting food money. 

-Hannah Chloe Dean-

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